Anunnaki are an Evolutionary species. Anunnaki are born of two Nephilim, one Seraph-derived and one Ophanum-derived, a rare union at best. The potent bloodlines provide a genetic foundation far superior to any of the other intelligent species, making them a formidable force.

Anunnaki are easily identified by their dark eyes, which are typically black or shades of red, and their large stature. Very few Anunnaki carry overt markings of their Nephilim heritage, such as wings or horns. For unknown reasons, the human DNA within Nephilim seems to dominate the appearance of Anunnaki offspring.

Most Anunnaki are tremendously gifted physically, a fact made obvious by their incredible muscular and athletic bodies. Anunnaki have an undeniable presence; their height, physique, confidence, and human-like features make them extremely attractive. However, few Anunnaki have warm, easy-going personalities.

History Edit

Anunnaki are considered a relatively young Evolutionary species. Although Nephilim have existed on Earth for many thousands of years, it has only been within the last 2000 years that Ophanum derived Nephilim and Seraph derived Nephilim have begun to create their own destinies rather than blindly following the prejudices of their ancestors. Most Nephilim have only known life on Earth and have long since forfeited their connection to the Ophanum and Seraph, making it acceptable to join with others of their own species. This shared difference creates a bond between them and with others similarly thrust into a foreign existence.

While most Anunnaki are less than 500 years old, there are rumours of much older, more powerful Anunnaki pursuing their own agenda in preparation for the coming Evolutionary War.

Culture Edit

Anunnaki have very little culture to call their own, as most can easily make their own way in the modern world, adopting human cultures from around the globe. There is one exception; The Ordained, an elitist sect that firmly believes the Anunnaki to be the premier intelligent species on Earth, destined to lay claim to the planet.

Anunnaki can be found in almost every major city around the globe, including most notable Freezone Communities; they are drawn to social centres in spite of their elitist leanings and often abrasive personalities.

The strong evolutionary genetic foundation of the Anunnaki, combined with a supreme confidence in their natural abilities, causes them to reject almost all forms of artificial augmentation on principle alone. Furthermore, for as yet unknown reasons, their bodies reject augmentation. Most Anunnaki also have little use for manufactured weapons or equipment, using only the most rudimentary tools in combat. They tend to focus instead on Wielding, relying on inner strength and potential. Anunnaki make powerful Wielders and fierce warriors, second only to humans in terms of motivation and desire for greatness.

Integration Edit

Integration is easier for Anunnaki than for other Evolutionary species. However, their superior genetics and innate Wielding abilities sometimes lead to arrogance and disregard for any of the intelligent species native to Earth, preventing them from completely integrating. However, this is not true of all Anunnaki, and some have integrated seamlessly into society.