Arcane Wielders gain their ability to Wield through disciplined study and intense devotion to the Arcane Path. Many Arcane Wielders have begun keeping detailed notes on their Effects, routinely contributing to the growing body of knowledge related to Wielding. For them, Wielding is a fine skill, a craft to be developed and mastered, and not some accident of nature. Arcane Wielders require incredible concentration and intense willpower to draw upon a chosen Source and focus its energy through an Intention.

Among Wielders, those that walk the Arcane path can draw upon the most varied selection of Sources and Intentions. Of course, this flexibility and potential for incredible power comes at a sizeable cost. The path of an Arcane Wielder is a long, difficult one, requiring significant sacrifice and intense devotion to the art of Wielding. Only the most disciplined and, indeed lucky of students will achieve all the arcane path offers, let alone survive a life devoted to it.