Energy is one of the Sources which Wielders combine with an Intention to produce an Effect.

The Energy Source provides fuel for Effects in all the different forms of energy in the universe. An Effect using the Energy Source can manipulate any form of Energy, including Electromagnetic, Photonic, and Kinetic.

Electricity can be focused to cause Damage by arcing lightning at targets. An Energy Wielder can also cause an electromagnetic pulse to overload all nearby electronic devices.

Photonic Energy can be used to control the amount of nearby light or darkness, or used to block light from reaching the individuals who are its targets, rendering them temporarily blind. Furthermore, it can bend light around objects or creatures, making them invisible.

Kinetic Energy can be used as a Source to manipulate the movement of matter and the associated speed of this movement. Moving objects gently or at great speed toward an enemy falls under this Source, as would the slowing or stopping of objects propelled at allies.