Loth is the powerful AI at the centre of Loth Foundry, headquarters of Artificial Intelligence Android Army 12 (AIAA-12).

Loth lies deep below the central pyramid in an enormous black vault. Like all loaded AI, Loth is not an android. It resides within an array of DNA and optical computer systems protected like no other part of the fortress, encased in earth and steel. From here, Loth monitors and controls every aspect of the Foundry and its operations. 

Few have ever visited Loth Foundry, save the employees of authorised resource gathering companies with raw materials for sale. The android army would as soon kill them as permit them entry, the latter only occurring on authorisation from Loth itself. Loth Foundry exists for its own sake - to protect Loth and to propagate its army; its dealings with other species are extremely grudging and limited. All but the invited are captured for interrogation or killed on sight.

Loth’s deeper intentions, if any, remain unknown. New World scholars speculate that the hive mind may serve some other hidden master, but most believe it is only concerned with self-preservation.