The Necrosi are pale, Gothic apparitions - they are usually clad in black clothing or armour and are usually covered in tattoos, piercings, or various forms of self-mutilation.

Necrosi are a proud, motivated Species with a regimented lifestyle that ensures those living in Sanctuarium get the most out of each day. They focus on physical training, academics, spiritual awareness, and various painful rituals performed throughout the day. Pain is taught to be shared and embraced as a motivator to work hard, a reminder of how valuable life is, and how sharing pain creates bonds of loyalty that are not easily broken.

Necrosi are studious, skilled, and capable people. They approach every aspect of life with a genuine interest in perfection, working extremely hard to learn skills as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Necrosi are proficient Wielders, studying every Source and Intention of the arcane arts. They have taken a profound interest in the dark energies of Omega, necromancy, and the Intentions of the Chaos and Bane Realms.

History Edit

The story of the Necrosi began with the acceptance of a proposal by a wealthy, Romanian nobleman named Mihai Lucescu to purchase a large section of the Badlands area of South Dakota. Normally, this would have never been considered by the United States Government, but the area had been devastated by meteor impacts, and the government was desperately trying to cope with the economic and sociological strain created by a string of natural disasters. Believing it could retake the area by force anytime it wanted, the United States Government accepted Lucescu's offer. He and his extended family moved into an abandoned mental sanitarium which they converted into a palatial mountain top residence named "Sancutarium".

With the help of Marlayne Praska, the leader of the religious group "Children of the Ophan", word of the safety offered by Lucescu's abode spread to hundreds of thousands of religious exiles who were persecuted for their beliefs. The refugees soon found a home at Sanctuarium, exchanging labour for safety and freedom. Lucescu and Praska became leaders of a powerful legion of followers with a common hatred for their former oppressors.

Oblivious to the shards of the Dresden Meteor that littered the area surrounding their underground metropolis, the Necrosi were unknowingly exposed to gene-altering radiation. Their skin became pale, their eyes became sensitive to light, and their genetics altered enough so that they could no longer be considered human.

The Necrosi developed super-human levels of hearing and low-light vision, enabling them to operate in near-darkness and almost complete silence with frightening proficiency. However, in well-lit environments or high volume, the Necrosi are extremely uncomfortable, prompting them to develop implants to remedy these handicaps. Their language is an intricate blend of subtle intonation and shortened English words and is spoken so quietly that it is barely audible to anyone but the Necrosi. To most other species, the Necrosi language sounds like a whisper.

Culture Edit

The Necrosi devotion to community is rivaled only by their devotion to education and painful physical training. Necrosi life is extremely regimented: clans sleep, study, train, and eat together, but all are given the freedom to practice their faiths as they wish. They value pain above all other feelings, knowing the fear it encourages in others to do their bidding. It also reminds the Necrosi that they are alive and can continue their training, development and religious practices unhindered by fear of oppression. Pain is the focal point of their entertainment, art, and social customs, and is evident in their appearance. To the Necrosi, sharing pain with someone is one of the most bonding and intimate experiences two people can enjoy together.

Integration Edit

Due to their intense hatred for humans, the Necrosi have a difficult time integrating with other societies. Some Necrosi were born in more recent times, in human cities or settlements through such means as artificial breeding between captured Necrosi. A small number of Necrosi have strayed from their teachings, developed respect for humans and other species, and are attempting to start a life amongst them, free from the hatred and propaganda that permeates Sanctuarium. Others come from recently settled, hidden, underground colonies in South America, Africa and several throughout Europe and Asia.