Terrorist to some, activist to others, Naslund Joegun is among 2280’s most outspoken and aggressive anti-corporate agitators, with a reputation as one of the world’s most proficient large scale saboteurs.

Naslund is a Remnant from the Channel Wastes region of Europe. He takes great care to maintain a low profile, changing his appearance often and travelling light. He is lean and athletic and, despite his Remnant origins, quite average looking, which enables him to easily go unnoticed. 

Naslund remains continuously mobile, travelling around the globe and staying with fellow anti-corporate activists or environmentalists. 

In the secret world of saboteurs and anarchists, Naslund is known as the Shadowhawk. There in the shadows, the Shadowhawk is renowned for his ability to orchestrate massive operations to disable production facilities, destroy exploration equipment, and generally cost corporations billions of Trust.

Only a few select allies know the Shadowhawk’s true identity and, as you can imagine, it is an identity with a handsome price on its head. In fact, the Shadowhawk has been placed on the most wanted list of nearly every major corporation’s security force. Despite his most-wanted status, the Shadowhawk continues to be a thorn in the side of all who seek to exploit the vast wealth of resources to be found in the Wilds (5.1.18).