Tomas Vanderlai is a renowned naturalist and New World creature documentarian whose work has led to the discovery and recording of more than 100 new species.

Tomas Vanderlai was born in Greater Mexico City in 2213 to Mika and Silvia Vanderlai, a wealthy couple whose first child, Paulo, died in an attack on the city by raiders four years earlier. Tomas was raised in protective opulence, educated and groomed for a life in the upper echelons of corporate rule. However, Tomas had no interest in following his parents’ path, and quickly set out on his own after completing university. 

Vanderlai completed graduate studies at the University of Vancouver‘s Centre for Natural Sciences and immediately set out on a mission to catalogue as many of the New World‘s undiscovered species as possible.

At 67 years of age, Vanderlai has had an illustrious and exciting career, studying some of the world’s rarest and deadliest forms of wildlife. His adventures have taken him around the globe numerous times, from the peaks of the world’s highest mountains to the darkest depths of the oceans.

Vanderlai is immediately recognisable by his ever-present array of cameras and recording equipment. He has become a celebrity in his own right; his constant grin and childlike zeal for his work have infected millions of VidNet viewers, who tune in weekly to catch a glimpse of Vanderlai wading into danger in the name of science (5.1.22).