The king of Divinus himself, Vandorian Menhir, is a regular attendee at the Grand Royal Arena, and the stands are filled with celebrities of every sort (3.4.8).

Administration of the emerging city of Divinus was handed over to a charming character named Vandorian Menhir, a long time member of the Axiom Holding Group. Vandorian immediately took up residence on the island and launched a campaign to attract the world’s elite to Divinus. He began by proclaiming Divinus completely tax-free. Citizenship and residency on the island required a sizeable one-time payment and nothing more. Vandorian envisioned the island as a cultural and entertainment hub, the world’s playground - paradise in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth. The vision quickly became a reality, and Vandorian, the charming and graceful administrator, fast became a global celebrity. The island’s profile continued to rise under his watchful eye, and the world’s rich and beautiful continued to arrive everyday.

In 2108, more than 30 years after his administration began, Vandorian publicly declared he was Nephilim, the off-spring of a human and Seraph union. His celebrity staus only rose, catapulting him further into stardom, and contributing to Divinus’ rise to be the most desirable travel destination on Earth (4.2.3).