Wielding is the gathering and manipulation of universal energies to impose the user's will on the surrounding environment, Those able to accomplish this incredible feat are a rare and powerful breed known as Wielders. Their powers are the result of innate ability, disciplined training in the arcane arts, or spiritual devotion. In each case, Wielders can tap into and harness one or more sources of energy found in the Wielding Cosmology. They carefully direct this power, combining it with an Intention, also found in the Cosmology, to create incredible Effects (6.10).

Wielding is a phenomenon of considerable debate and research in 2280. Even within the New World Wielding Commission - the largest body dedicated to understanding and developing the Wielding Arts - massive dissent and uncertainty surrounds the subject. Nobody has a complete understanding of Wielding, and its full potential remains unknown.

The accepted working model for Wielding includes three variables: Source, Intention and Effect. Sources provide the power (or raw materials) for Wielding, Intentions direct those Sources towards the Wielder's desired outcome, and Effects are the actual results produced by Wielders.

Effects can be just about anything - from deadly blasts of fire to healing energy that washes over an ally, to seemingly telepathic insights into the minds of others. For a skilled Wielder, Effects are limited only by his/her abilities, and available Sources and Intentions (7.14).